About Alex Smith

Alexander Smith Chiropractor’s mission is to improve people’s health by promoting a healthy spine and a nervous system. Chiropractic achieves this by moving by hand a joint which is not moving properly so that it moves once more. This is called an adjustment. The muscles can then start to work normally and the spine will gradually return to its optimal working condition.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Senior Chiropractor

Alex Smith is the senior chiropractor and is a graduate from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. He was drawn to train as a chiropractor after witnessing the positive impact it made on people’s lives.

The human body is an amazing structure that can repair itself through its own inbuilt healing mechanism. The spine is essential to this, being like a broadband connection between the brain and the body. Removing spinal interference is what makes chiropractic such a unique and effective therapy in today’s stressful world.

Every person is different. We recognise individuality and encourage people to think for themselves regarding their health choices. We will outline our best recommendations to find a solution to your problem and will be versatile with visiting times (offering evening and weekend appointments) and fees in order to make this happen.

Alex is pleased to offer a mobile chiropractic service within a 10 mile radius of Linton in south Cambridgeshire. Alex started his career in the North East and he has worked with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Please see the testimonials section to read about some of the people he has helped.

A Personal Service to Your Door

I offer evening and weekend appointments in and around Linton, Abington, Great Shelford & Little Shelford, Sawston, Haverhill, Saffron Walden, Great Chesterford, Balsham, Cambridge

Alex Smith