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No matter what you want help with, the first step is the New Client consultation, approximately 1 hour appointment where the chiropractor will take a detailed case history and do a lot of tests on the spine, joints and other areas in order to build up a picture of your health status. This will include a report of findings, where the problem you want help with is explained, as well as the plan of attack to help.

If further appointments have been recommended in the Report of Findings, they will be scheduled for you and generally take about 20 – 30 minutes per visit. These are called Regular Adjustment visits, some people like to call them just “adjustments” or “treatments”.

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Chiropractic Care

Usually 1 hour appointment

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Chiropractic care tailored to your specific needs

Each visit will be 20 - 30 minutes

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Payment of fees is by cash or cheque. Card payments cannot be processed.

Your back, and the spine beneath it is a remarkable piece of architecture. It is both robust (the spinal bones and discs can withstand enormous forces) and delicate (the spinal cord and nerves are sensitive to pressure and injury). In fact the bones and discs are designed to encase and protect your spinal cord and nerves. Over time, or with a sudden trauma, the harmonious relationship of your spinal joints and nervous system can become lost and this may give rise to pain, stiffness or aching in the any of the different regions of the back. Chiropractic helps by restoring the normal movements of your spinal joints and relieving pressure off delicate nerves.

Your neck is like a pillar which supports the weight of your skull and brain (your head weighs roughly as much as a bowling ball). Compared to other regions of the spine your neck has a large range of movement but this can be lost through injury, bad habits and the demands of certain jobs. There are many causes of neck pain which chiropractic can help with including stiff joints, tight muscles and nerve compression. Your chiropractor will also assess you for other less common causes of neck pain which sometimes require you to have a scan or x-ray or see another specialist.

Sudden unexpected movements (e.g. scrum collapse) or repetitive actions (e.g. golf swing, running, tennis serve) can cause problems which a chiropractor can help with by assessing the spine, joints and soft tissues. Chiropractors have extensive training in soft tissue techniques that can help with a broad range of muscular and fascial problems for the sports person. Many elite sports people (Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods) advocate chiropractic to avoid injuries by keeping them supple and their proprioception levels high.

Many forms of headache are preventable and some have their origins in the joints of the neck not working well. Other headaches may be caused by your lifestyle choices and your chiropractor is trained to give you advice on these issues. Headaches, including migraine, is one of the main things that people come to chiropractors for help with and most people get great results. A scientific trial some years ago saw chiropractic outperform painkillers for migraine sufferers (Nelson, Bronfort et al., JMPT 1998).

Perhaps you were told some time ago you have arthritis in one or more of the joints? This doesn’t mean you still can’t get help for your symptoms! Arthritis simply means an inflamed joint or a condition affecting a joint, and one of the most common causes is either repetitive overuse or degeneration. Chiropractic can help by getting the joints moving as they should be and examining the surrounding muscles which are essential to the stability and integrity of your joints.

The sciatic nerve is massive compared to some other nerves and so there are a few different areas of your body where it can be irritated, compressed or pinched. Because this long nerve runs from your low back to your foot it can present in several different ways in terms of the pain and symptoms you experience. The pain can be very severe but chiropractic can help by removing pressure off the nerve itself and by following your chiropractor’s advice on things to do at home, or at work.

This often goes hand in hand with headaches and neck problems. Your balance is dependent on the delicate organs and apparatus of the inner ear, which are controlled by nerves which come out of your head and neck. Chiropractic has been known help with this condition, once other potential causes have been take into consideration.

Please see JOINT PAIN. Often the two terms are used synonymously but it may be that you or a loved one have been told you have wear and tear arthritis (osteoarthritis) or rheumatoid arthritis (an inflammatory kind) in one joint or another. There are other forms of arthritis that people come to chiropractors for help with including psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Your practitioner may like to request or take x-rays if you have been diagnosed with any of these forms and will be able to help you by getting the joints moving as they should be and examining the surrounding muscles which are essential to the stability and integrity of your joints.