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Client Testimonials for Alex Smith, Chiropractor

I first visited Alex about 9 months ago in complete agony with back and neck pain, caused by an old injury. I had been suffering for over 3 years with severe pain to the extent that I was taking large doses of medication including morphine. I now am almost pain free and am no longer taking morphine and feel human again. Big thank you Alex!

Mrs Sugg

Sudbury Suffolk

Formerly Bedbound, Now Doing Well

When I first met Alex I could not get out of bed due to a severe back problem, without his help and kindness and understanding I would still be living on painkillers.

Over the whole time he made home visits and I knew that if I needed additional treatment between my scheduled appointments I could call on him to come and see me. At present I am coping well, however, I know that should I need his help he would be there for me. Thank you Alex for all you did.

Mrs Craig

Burwell, Cambs

Car accident recovery

I was involved in a car accident in April 2014, where I sustained lower back, and upper back pains. I was advised to go see a chiropractor.

I made an appointment to see Alex at Zest Gym. Alex ran through how the back worked and what movement I should be getting in the first session. After couple of sessions I noticed how my back was improving and having less pain and less stiffness. This enabled me to get better range of movement touching my toes and leaning to the side and backwards. I have now had 8 sessions and am pain free. I am a regular gym person and this has taken away the pain that I was getting. Alex was very professional in what he does, also very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Alex to people that suffer from these sort of symptoms.

Mr Watson


Sudden bout of back pain, and limited mobility

Having been struck with a sudden bout of back pain, and limited mobility, I was in need of a chiropractor, ideally based locally, as travelling was extremely painful.

Having searched online, I found that not only did Alex run a Chiropractor clinic he also provided a local home visiting service, which suited my needs perfectly. During the first consultation Alex explained to me how the human spine works using a model to demonstrate, and talked about what to expect from his visits, and how he will be able to help with my pain and mobility. Alex is very knowledgeable and really does care about his patients; he will always strive to make sure you end the session in less pain and with better posture. He is always thorough, and never rushes the treatments. He always answers any questions I have clearly, and in a way that I can understand, and provides me with instructions and exercises to complete in my own time, to aid my recovery further.


Mrs Nunn

Linton, Cambs

Helped with my various ailments

I had the misfortune to damage my knee and I was very relieved to discover that there was a chiropractor who could help me locally.

Alexander Smith has now helped with my various ailments and I much appreciate his great care and service on these occasions.

Mrs M Chaplin


Significant Improvement

I attended Alex’s practice following a road traffic collision resulting in whiplash injury complicated with associated nerve

damage which presented as neck, shoulder and arm pain, pins and needles down my arm and into my hand with some areas of numbness, headaches, severe reduction of movement in my neck and shoulder, nausea and vomiting. From my initial assessment Alex was incredibly professional and knowledgeable believing in a practice where he shared his knowledge enabling me to make informed decisions about my ongoing treatment.The chiropractic treatment I’ve received has improved my life significantly since the collision by relieving my symptoms and increasing the movement in my neck and shoulder to almost normal. The chiropractic treatment is very holistic and I have also noted that my overall posture and the flexibility in my spine has improved dramatically. As a staff nurse working for the NHS receiving some very severe medication for the pain after the collision I was dubious whether chiropractic therapy would be of benefit to me. Having now received treatment and no longer on the medication I would not hesitate to return if I should encounter any further problems and I am now a very strong advocate for this therapy. I will continue to attend Alex’s practice and I will continue to promote chiropractic treatment to those that I feel could benefit from this practice. I can not thank Alex enough on behalf of my family and myself for the significant improvement he has brought to our lives.

Mrs A Johnson


My levels of energy have increased

I came to the chiropractor with no real back problems strange I know!! I did though have problems with incredibly poor posture,

unstable pelvis, depression and no energy whatsoever. After a period of treatment and very friendly support I can honestly say I am up right noticed by lots of friends, feel stronger in the hips and my levels of energy have increased by 100%. It’s good to be able to get up in the morning and feel able to face the day. My gym membership is now actually being used and the garden is looking good can bend to weed now! Don’t think a chiropractor is just for a bad back there’s a lot more involved.

Mrs Anne Vernon

Forest Hall

Now… I rarely experience migraines

I have suffered from migraines for years and didn’t make any link between them and the tension in my neck. That was until I came to see Alex. He gave me the knowledge and made me aware of how my painful neck was contributing towards the migraines I was experiencing 2 times per week. Even after my first adjustment I felt a relief of tension from my neck which passed on to relief in my head. Now that I’ve been getting adjusted twice a week for the past 7 weeks I rarely experience migraines. Receiving this treatment from Alex has boosted my health and allowed me to be able to enjoy and carry out a normal student lifestyle.

Kirsty McVay

Whitley Bay

Well worth the investment

My 4 yr old son James attends the clinic to alleviate some symptoms of ASD. The staff are great with him and have been very

accommodating to his needs. They have gone out of their way to treat him holistically and research his condition. Within 2 treatments he has moved from non verbal to using sounds and is calmer and physically stronger and more flexible. It is not cheap but well worth the investment for the future. I would certainly recommend a visit to anyone.

Lorraine Temple


My spine is more flexible

I was born with Scoliosis, and started Chiropractic treatment from the early age of eight years.

Over the years, I have been to many Chiropractors who used different methods of treatment. My spine has to be kept supple, and since receiving treatments from Alex Smith for the past two years, I feel that my spine is more flexible. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who is seeking Chiropractic treatment.

Mrs Y Semmelhak

Blyth, Northumberland

I was suffering from headaches and a stiff neck for weeks. Then one day I saw Alex with a promotion and made an

appointment to see him. He told me that I had a trapped nerve in my neck. After a few adjustments my neck was not as stiff. Now I have fewer headaches and my neck moves much better.

Jack Freeman

Newcastle Upon Tyne

After suffering from spondylosis in my neck for numerous years and with the medication not helping, I decided to go to a

chiropractor and came to see Alex Smith. As well as the treatment he gave me I followed his advice about taking multivitamin, doing his recommended exercises, healthy eating and ice therapy. After a few treatments I began to feel so much better, I was actually pain free. Previous to this the pain I was having in my neck and head was tremendous. I have no doubt whatsoever that if I had not gone to see Alex I would still be suffering with the pain now. Thank You.

Valerie Bell


Alex has really helped me with my lower back problems. As a heating engineer a healthy spine is essential for my duties, which

involve getting into awkward positions to access areas. After only a few sessions I felt a big difference to my back with less stiffness and increased mobility. Now my back problems have been massively reduced thanks to Alex.

J. Jack


I came to the clinic as I had a very painful stiff neck. Alex managed to ease this within a few days and now after just a

few weeks both my neck and lower back are feeling much better and almost pain free. I feel better in myself together with feeling less stressed at work which used to bother me in the past.

K Marshall

North Shields

I had been suffering with a very stiff neck and painful low back for years. I used to have to turn my whole body just to look

over my shoulder! After the fist few adjustments I felt much more movement without pain, I was taking less painkillers and I felt less like a robot. Alex and his team have been marvellous; friendly and helpful, they greet me with a smile each time and make me feel welcome. The changes I have felt have been remarkable.

Julie Marpole

Whitley Bay

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