I first visited Alex about 9 months ago in complete agony with back and neck pain, caused by an old injury. I had been suffering for over 3 years with severe pain to the extent that I was taking large doses of medication including morphine. I now am almost pain free and am no longer taking morphine and feel human again. Big thank you Alex!

Mrs Sugg
Sudbury Suffolk

Formerly Bedbound, Now Doing Well

When I first met Alex I could not get out of bed due to a severe back problem, without his help and kindness and understanding I would still be living on painkillers.

Over the whole time he made home visits and I knew that if I needed additional treatment between my scheduled appointments I could call on him to come and see me. At present I am coping well, however, I know that should I need his help he would be there for me. Thank you Alex for all you did.

Mrs Craig
Burwell, Cambs